Monday, March 30, 2009

Updates updates updates! Wholly Guac!

I need to update! I'm sending in my taxes this Wednesday, yikes! Come onnnn refund! :P

I just got Adobe Lightroom 2.3, teaching myself to use it so that I can make and upload decent-looking photo albums for my website.

Work is busy, and mundane at the same time. I'm currently organizing and prepping for a collaboration event with Beverly Hills Maserati/Ferrari and After School All Stars for a charity auction. It should be good. Kobe Bryant should be there since he is an ambassador. If the Governator is in town he'll be obliged to attend (like he did last year) since he is on the Board. Lots of expensive, beautiful things will be auctioned off. I hope it's a success because it's going towards a good cause! Sorry public, it's strictly by invitation only.

On the mundane side... reorganizing our mess of a database of merchandise, design/creating tear sheets, deleting redundant images and files, getting ready for the tax increase by sending eblasts, etc.

We're currently looking to revamp the company website as well. Simple, clean, and some elements of FLASH. I'm on the lookout for reasonably priced designers, but am considering taking the job on myself as well because I could use the extra cash!

On a happy note, I did eventually have a crawfish reunion with my roomies! My first time! DEEEE-LISH! I'm missing the 'wholeshabang' right now! Noodles' boyfriend's job offer in New York was transferred to Los Angeles--so happy for the both of them! The universe will take care of us all! Trace will be heading to pharm school in KY in the summer--I'm so proud of her! Jo's got her stuff together with her own place in the the Bay area. Sandy's working on getting into pharm too! Brian's contemplating doing pharm as well! YAY!! I'm in the process of applying to RN programs. I neeeed to get in!

Ok, more explorations of programs!


Twitter WHAT?

My boyfriend sent me this awesome video parody-ing this "phenomenon" called Twitter:
(it sums up pretty much how I feel about it!) That being said, yes, I am on Twitter.


Monday, March 23, 2009

poems - found


I googled myself and found a poem I wrote a LONG time ago (1999) submitted to PASSIONS IN POETRY

Forget Me Not

I actually got comments! :)