Thursday, July 23, 2009

Catch Up

Hey!~ Wow, it's been awhile since an update! I've been SUPER busy.

As some of you may know, I left my job in Beverly Hills to go pursue my education more seriously, and I was offered a better position elsewhere at the same time! It's been challenging being thrown into the mix and picking up things as I go along, but it's been incredibly rewarding in knowing that I'm handling it like a breeze! I'm pro! HAHAHA! j/k. But anyhow, I am indeed getting it. It's A LOT of work and and the biz is need of a ridiculous amount of organization due to their lack of staffing...and that's where I come in!

We had an event today in Santa Monica with an amazing panel of Green Tech (solar paneling, sustainable living, energy efficiency, etc.) speakers today as well as the Mayor of Santa Monica herself making opening remarks :) Wow! My 2nd week on the job and there I am in the middle of all of it! We had some press and photos taken too... so hopefully we'll get that soon and we'll see our team! woohoo! :)

What else? My cousin's wedding is this Saturday, so I'll be skipping Hollywood this whole weekend to spend with family. I just gave Kitsu her bath and after running herself out crazy around the coffee table with excitement she's settled in for a nap. I miss West LA~! I'm starting to look at apartments nearer to Santa Monica to avoid the COMMUTE! ARG!