Sunday, May 31, 2009

Work it out! Work it off!

I've come to learn that my motivation can come from no one else other than MYSELF! As much as I can be inspired by what I see and what people say I should do, with my personal schedule, energy level, stamina, etc., I can't really go on anyone else's schedule to go work out other than my own.

Brian has his own moments where he feels the need to work out, and I used to be right there with him... until our "appointed" time(s) we would plan to go would come, and then elapse, with nothing accomplished. And when I'm asked--say--1-2 hours later to go get ready to work out, it does not fail me to have lost my motivation.

I don't want to nag about getting ready. If you say a time, then prepare for it. I lack 'spontaneity' in that manner. I like things to have structure, be orderly, to make the most of my time. Time wasted is never gained back.

So, I just came back from a 1 hour long work out (I have to ease myself back into this) consisting of treadmill, bike, pull up bar, angled workout bench for ab work outs, and some Ab Ripper X from the p90X program. And, well, Brian wasn't really in the correct mind frame to join me. As was 2 days ago when I got ready to work out in the fitness room, asked if he'd like to join, he said yes and he'd meet me there, he got preoccupied, and didn't go until almost an hour after I'd already finished.

Oh well. It would be nice to work out together, but, it just isn't working out right now.

Also, people ask why I even need to work out since my frame is pretty petite as it is. Well, #1 is not really about losing weight. It's about cardio. My heart needs it. When I was in the process of getting a job at Cedars Sinai I had a physical done and my RN checking my BP, etc. told me that my heart was pumping a little too fast for her liking and suggested I do some sort of cardio. So let that be a lesson learned for all the petite/lean people! A lean body does not equal a strong heart! We all know that creatures whose hearts the beat slower/stronger LIVE longer! (i.e. sea turtles!) #2 reason I want to work out, I don't want to be flab! I want some muscle definition and tone! I want to look healthy :)

So for healthy hearts & bodies, do cardio! When it gets hotter I'll start adding the pool to my work outs. Low impact! Don't forget your sunscreen!

Forplay Sexy Summer Fashion Show - Wrap Up

The fashion show was a huge success!

After arriving shy of 9pm Friday night to the venue to set up the stage & lighting, th event went off without a hitch! The models looked HOT (extra good job to my girls Crystal & Valerie!) and the crowd response was very good! There were TONS of giveaways... I hope the ladies that night were able to grab something!

This is us the week prior to the event... it was tooo crazy and I forgot to get a photo with them the night of :(

Crystal, Valerie, Terry Le
MSE Wifeys

Post to be updated with photos from my camera!

Yamagiwa & Kanye West

Pretty cool!

Mr. Kanye West (a client of ours from my day-job company) posted a blog about one of the companies we represent: Yamagiwa!

This was a photo I took from our table during TI's Myspace concert @ The Key Club where Mr. West made a surprise performance!

Friday, May 29, 2009

Forplay Summer 2009 Fashion Show

Hi all!

My other affiliation is hosting a HOT fashion show tonight @ Ritual/Halo in Hollywood! Join us!

Ladies! Get 20% off your online order at when you use the code: "MINDSEX" during checkout!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Beautiful pieces... we are now carrying at our showroom, on display on the floor

Taliesin 2 floor lamp

Mayuhana lamp

Friday, May 22, 2009


Work has been busy, busy, busy. Especially with the 2 CEOs of our company visiting from Italy this past week.

Nerve racking! I'm redoing my company's website and I was to present them the mock up design! I did a quick run-through yesterday...and they liked it *whew*!

We also had a photoshoot going on yesterday for Avenues Magazine in the showroom... theme was something like "Model vs. Sculpture" (FYI: California Dreamin' is the home we did)

I'll be doing press clippings, of course. So tired!!

I ran over a mile on the treadmill and biked over a mile in some crazy mode in our fitness room this morning too. Got my heart pumping!

Topanga later today...maybe.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Kitson - Free Parking?


I went to Kitson this morning to exchange a shirt for the head honcho of the company... and the parking attendants gave me free parking!! woooHooooo!! ^_~

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Palm Pre

WooHoo! It's official! The Palm Pre (for Sprint) will be released June 6th!

My 2 year contract with Helio is OVER! and I'm shopping for a new phone! Helio used Sprint towers, so I know coverage will be GREAT! I'm not willing to dish the $80+ service plan for the iPhone. And almost anything will beat my 1st gen Ocean anyway.

Problem: SUPPLY! Disappointingly LOW

Friday, May 15, 2009

Repeal: Don't Ask, Don't Tell

An inspirational story and man:

Courage Campaign

I went to high school with Daniel Choi, graduated with his younger sister, and support what he is doing.

If you do too, please sign the petition.

Taken from the Facebook group "1,000,000 Strong for Daniel Choi":

What happened to Lt. Daniel Choi, and the on going discrimination against every other gay service man/woman in the armed forces, is a complete disgrace. He's a West Point graduate with a degree in ARABIC, yet he was tossed out of the military for being gay. If that is not short sighted I dont know what is. I just assume they have a surplus of Arabic speaking officers to replace him with. Please read his open letter to the President posted below (or watch his interview via the link provided.) And if you feel this is a "slap in the face", show some support by joining this group (and if you can, link it to your status or your wall to help get the word out).

And remember, YOUR tax dollars paid for his education at West Point. I think we have a right to see a return on that investment unless there is a better reason than being gay.

Open Letter to President Obama and Every Member of Congress:

I have learned many lessons in the ten years since I first raised my right hand at the United States Military Academy at West Point and committed to fighting for my country. The lessons of courage, integrity, honesty and selfless service are some of the most important.

At West Point, I recited the Cadet Prayer every Sunday. It taught us to “choose the harder right over the easier wrong” and to “never be content with a half truth when the whole can be won.” The Cadet Honor Code demanded truthfulness and honesty. It imposed a zero-tolerance policy against deception, or hiding behind comfort.

Following the Honor Code never bowed to comfortable timing or popularity. Honor and integrity are 24-hour values. That is why I refuse to lie about my identity.

I have personally served for a decade under Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell: an immoral law and policy that forces American soldiers to deceive and lie about their sexual orientation. Worse, it forces others to tolerate deception and lying. These values are completely opposed to anything I learned at West Point. Deception and lies poison a unit and cripple a fighting force.

As an infantry officer, an Iraq combat veteran and a West Point graduate with a degree in Arabic, I refuse to lie to my commanders. I refuse to lie to my peers. I refuse to lie to my subordinates. I demand honesty and courage from my soldiers. They should demand the same from me.

I am committed to applying the leadership lessons I learned at West Point. With 60 other LGBT West Point graduates, I helped form our organization, Knights Out, to fight for the repeal of this discriminatory law and educate cadets and soldiers after the repeal occurs. When I receive emails from deployed soldiers and veterans who feel isolated, alone, and even suicidal because the torment of rejection and discrimination, I remember my leadership training: soldiers cannot feel alone, especially in combat. Leaders must reach out. They can never diminish the fighting spirit of a soldier by tolerating discrimination and isolation. Leaders respect the honor of service. Respecting each soldier’s service is my personal promise.

The Department of the Army sent a letter discharging me on April 23rd. I will not lie to you; the letter is a slap in the face. It is a slap in the face to me. It is a slap in the face to my soldiers, peers and leaders who have demonstrated that an infantry unit can be professional enough to accept diversity, to accept capable leaders, to accept skilled soldiers.

My subordinates know I’m gay. They don’t care. They are professional.

Further, they are respectable infantrymen who work as a team. Many told me that they respect me even more because I trusted them enough to let them know the truth. Trust is the foundation of unit cohesion.

After I publicly announced that I am gay, I reported for training and led rifle marksmanship. I ordered hundreds of soldiers to fire live rounds and qualify on their weapons. I qualified on my own weapon. I showered after training and slept in an open bay with 40 other infantrymen. I cannot understand the claim that I “negatively affected good order and discipline in the New York Army National Guard.” I refuse to accept this statement as true.

As an infantry officer, I am not accustomed to begging. But I beg you today: Do not fire me. Do not fire me because my soldiers are more than a unit or a fighting force – we are a family and we support each other. We should not learn that honesty and courage leads to punishment and insult. Their professionalism should not be rewarded with losing their leader. I understand if you must fire me, but please do not discredit and insult my soldiers for their professionalism.

When I was commissioned I was told that I serve at the pleasure of the President. I hope I have not displeased anyone by my honesty. I love my job. I want to deploy and continue to serve with the unit I respect and admire. I want to continue to serve our country because of everything it stands for.

Please do not wait to repeal Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. Please do not fire me.

Very Respectfully,

Daniel W. Choi
New York Army National Guard

If you agree that this policy is an ongoing insult to members of our armed forces please join this group, and, if willing, paste the link to the group on your wall/status to help get the word out and show support. Thank you.

Thursday, May 14, 2009


work has been CRAZY! I sat down to eat for about 10 minutes today...and right back to work! YIKES!

Thank GOODNESS we'll be working with a publicity company for this next event! I was DYING!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


In preparation of our Italian company's counterparts, my employer decided to do some organizing, cleaning, and inventory the other day. Unfortunately for me, I was walking everywhere and on my feet the whole day (save 15 minutes for lunch) in boots with heels because I wasn't informed! :( My poor feet!! I'm wearing my comfy flat boots tomorrow. Lesson learned.

As for me, I hunger now. I spent my day trying to learn some Flash scrollbar actions and doing laundry. I was on a hunt for live blue crabs at the Asian supermarkets local to me, but alas! They're all sold out! One market said they may have a shipment tomorrow! We'll see.

For now, I'm about to make some Tom Yum Goong & fried eggrolls (previously frozen) made by my mama. Adieu!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

If you didn't know, now you know

After wanting a Pomeranian of my own since... hmm... FOREVER, I finally have one! Meet KITSU!

She's my beautiful baby girl, but she's going through her puppy uglies right now (a stage where Poms lose their fluffy long puppy hair and start growing in their adult coat). It's a very awkward stage for her! It's like going through her teens (literally, in doggie time).

Her body has elongated and her legs have gotten longer and the fluffy hair couldn't keep up, so it's covered with short hairs and she looks kinda like the awkward "maturing" teenager. Think Violet from The Incredibles.

Her color, in general is becoming very light. Especially under her chin. She's gone from a grayish/cream sable to snowy white. The hair around her head is becoming more creamy, and a very soft orange. She is "sable", but cream or orange sable I am not quite sure of yet. Maybe check back in about 6 months? The hair down her back has lost all its undercoat and the adult coat is growing in fast. I can't wait til she gets her full coat in to have my fluffball back, better than ever! How I miss it!

Anyhow, here's a documentation of her transformation thus far:

at 3 months when we got her (~1.4 lbs)

at 4 months

about a week shy of 6 months (puppy uglies!)

Making personal sized funnel cake for lunch!


Sunday, May 3, 2009

Kitsu nap

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I WILL own one of these someday!!

THE Cricut!

Models BEWARE!

During my [extremely] short stint of modeling several years ago, I did the normal thing of posting a profile with MM and OMP. Since then, I'm pretty sure I've closed my accounts (although I've been thinking of doing freelance again for some extra money/clothes on the side since this recession--meh, maybe not).

Then, strangely, at the end of April I started getting e-mails to my account that I used for bookings for doing random gigs like tearsheets, calendar work, etc. with "travel paid", etc. sounding too good to be true kind of opportunities (operative phrase: too good to be true!) from I think I've received close to 10 of them by now along the same subject line as:

Calendar shoot in Hollywood, CA 14th-17th
This is a motorcycle calendar with you posing with the bike. Every month will have 2 models
Shoots pays 2500, Im not an agent or manager so that full amount goes to you
24 Models needed
Travel is paid
Hotel is paid

If you are interested but can not travel please let me know

Need to speak to you by Phone to work with you. I am a casting director and need to speak to the model direct
Please send your contact number and links and modelmayhem number asap



with gigs from Miami to Atlanta. Being the major research/stalker that I am, I googled this person. It turns out that they've been spamming other models as well as early as February! Crazy! Girls, please please please make sure to do your homework if you're booking! Be cautious, and ALWAYS ask questions!

Good luck!

Koji's Shabu Shabu

@ the Hollywood and Highland Center special! I got this in my e-mail:

Elephant Card Bonus Save 30% at Koji’s Sushi & Shabu Shabu (alcohol not included). Offer expires May 31, 2009. To get an Elephant Card stop by the Visitor Information Center on level 1 or register online at Click here to see all of the great Elephant Card offers.

I have my card already :) Who wants to eat?


What IDIOT titles a blog entry as: "Miss Vietnam USA Claims Pageant No Pay Her" ??

I have been an avid reader of TMZ for entertainment, but when you make the conscious decision to drive racist thoughts and, thus, encourage others to make the same sort of racist remarks & jokes (especially after reporting Miley Cyrus making "Asian eyes" for a photo AND reporting the repercussions of such an act) is DISCOURAGING. This is evident by the 100+ replies to that blog post! It just goes to show that we really haven't come a long way AT ALL from being a nation of "Progress".


Saturday, May 2, 2009

Daily dose

of love!
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